Another video of KFC assault surfaces

A second video taken just after a recent attack at a KFC in Montana, Pretoria, has surfaced, reports the Pretoria North Rekord.

This video surfaced on social media on Tuesday and follows the first one that was shared by a Facebook user last Friday, which showed five men violently attacking the married couple, Jacob and Dudu Sono.

The second video was shared by the Facebook page, Street Wise:

The Citizen further reported that in the new video, a woman believed to be one of the complainants in the case says: “It is not supposed to be like this.”

One of the accused can be heard asking: “So who started this”?

A man in a red jacket, apparently the second complainant in the matter, according to News24, points at one of the accused and says: “You started this. You started this.”

The couple claimed they merely asked for a car to move and were then attacked by the men.

In the new video, one of the accused walks to the woman and tells her: “Leave it now. Get in your car and let’s go.”

The male complainant is seen walking towards the man and asks him: “Where the f**k were you when they were beating my wife?”

The new video evidence suggests that the matter of whoever started the fight was disputed by the parties right after the fight.

The state has reportedly included a charge of attempted murder against the men.

One of the men’s attorneys told News24 that the men did not know each other as reported. He reportedly said his client would plead not guilty.

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