Gardener Employment Wanted

WINNER (MWN) Highly experienced with Housekeeping certificate seeks gardening/ houseman/ office cleaner work full/ part- time. Ref 082‑650‑8765. Direct 071‑923‑2311 - SI057647

STEVEN (MWN) seeks gardening/ painter/ office cleaner work full/ part- time, accom. Ref 078‑755‑4268. Direct 073‑305‑1999 - SI057650

KUMBUKAN (MWN) seeks gardening work part- time Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. Ref 082‑552‑8807. Direct 062‑676‑7158 - SI057655

SYLVESTER seeks gardening work part-time Tues, Thurs, Sat. Accom.Ref 083‑273‑3440. Direct 071‑835‑6290 - SI057632

JOHN (MWN) seeks gardening/ painter/ houseman/ office cleaner work full/ part-time. Ref 078- 392-7756. Direct 083‑437‑5945 - SI057614

SAMUEL (MWN) seeks gardening/ painter/ office cleaner/ houseman work full or part-time with accom. Ref 082‑450‑9831. Direct 078‑753‑2683 - SI057616

ZEBRON (MWN) with 8 yrs experience, hardworking, reliable, trustworthy, unsupervised gardener is looking for work Monday and Saturday. Ref Jeanine 083‑708‑3357. Zebron 073‑784‑4650 - SI057618

My experienced, hardworking gardener FRANK (MWN) is looking for part-time job on Mon, Thurs, Sat, Sun. He is reliable, needs no supervision in the garden. He knows how to look after the garden to look good and the pool too. He is a valuable asset to our home, very honest and trustworthy. For more contact me 084‑999‑0909. Direct 061‑680‑2447 - SI057628

PETROS (MWN) with 13 yrs exp seeks gardening/ painter/ houseman/ driver work Tues, Thur, Sat. Ref 011‑447‑2622/ Noviky 082‑610‑0139. Direct 078‑273‑5635 - SI057586

EDWARD (MWN) seeks gardening/ houseman/ painter work Tues, Thur, Sat. Ref 011‑646‑2226/ 083‑250‑1234. Direct 073‑032‑0933 - SI057593

SAMUEL (MWN) understanding and reliable man seeks gardening work part- time.Ref 083‑275‑7239 Direct 073‑905‑5900 - SI057597

DAVID (MWN) seeks gardening work part-time Mon, Wed, Fri. Ref 082 ‑322‑0433. Direct 063‑481‑8348 - SI057600

JACOB (MWN) hardworking, reliable seks gardening work part-time Wed, Thur. Ref 082‑440‑8663. Direct 062‑266‑1073 - SI057601

AMOS (MWN) with 9 yrs exp seeks gardening/ painter work Mon, Tues.Ref 083‑590‑6020 Jean. Direct 074‑990‑6997 - SI057542

GLADSON (MWN) seeks gardening/ painter/ houseman/ office cleaner work full/ part-time. Ref 073‑637‑5771. Direct 083‑542‑1722 - SI057535

MATTHEWS (MWN) seeks gardening/ driver work full-time Mon, Wed, Fri. Ref 083‑260‑4917. Code 10. Direct 063‑173‑9750 - SI057537