Community members support Parktown Girls at golf day

A number of parents and friends of Parktown High School for Girls gathered to support the school’s annual golf day hosted at the Houghton Golf Club on 7 September.

Rainy weather conditions failed to put a damper on the day which attracted a number of enthusiastic supporters.

The event was organised by the Parents Association. Event organiser Yvonne Dijon said this was the 10th anniversary of the event and funds raised had been used in the past to purchase a bus for the school and contributed to the installation of the astroturf.

Funds raised at this year’s event will be put towards the upgrade costs for the school hall.

Dijon said, “The golf day is a good tool to reach out to the greater community for exposure and put our school on the map as one of the best girls schools in Joburg.”

Prizes were awarded to participants in a number of categories.

In one such category, professional golfer Francesca Cuturi said she would be going to the 16th hole to hit a shot and asking amateur golfers to ‘beat’ her shot or ‘buy’ her shot to raise extra funds.

Manny E Sousa, Rohan Bester, Kelvin Mogoane, Ziaad Suleman and Andries Lodder get ready to begin the day in support of Parktown High School for Girls at the Houghton Golf Club. Photo: Sarah Koning

Abrie Scheepers, Rachel Byng, and Kevin and Janet Bulter get ready to play golf at the Houghton Golf Club. Photo: Sarah Koning

Chairperson of the school governing body Ziaad Suleman said, “These events are important for building the school in terms of character and buy-in from the greater community. The school is an ecosystem including current day teachers, parents and pupils but also a broader community of people living and working in the area.

He added that the event was a catalyst to continue the good name of the school. “We want to continue providing excellent education, infrastructure and teachers and this event will ensure there are sufficient funds to do that.

“I would like to thank those who have been part of today and the last 10 years. Without this support, it would be impossible for us to run this fantastic institution.”

Len Miller, who has supported the golf day every year for the past 10 years, said, “My grandkids have spurred me on to support the school each year. My first granddaughter started in Grade 8 10 years ago and the second one is in Grade 12 now.”

Shaun Reiche, Renier de Waal, Andrew Bennie and Michael Mann enjoy socialising together at the Houghton Golf Club as they wait for the weather to clear. Photo: Sarah Koning

Jamie Chait, Brandon Richardson, Godwell Nhema and Ray Segal relax at the Houghton Golf Club while they wait for the rain to clear. Photo: Sarah Koning

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