Metro police officer knocked over by motorist on Eloff Street

A Metro police officer was admitted to Milpark Hospital with fractures to his right hand after he was knocked over by a motorist driving a black BMW sedan on Eloff Street in the evening of 2 August.

According to Metro police spokesperson, Superintendent, Edna Mamonyane, officers at a roadside check signalled for the motorist to stop but he ignored this and drove off and in the process knocked the officer down. A female officer was dragged for a short distance as she clung onto the car in an attempt to get the motorist to stop.

Officers gave chase and the man was cut off on the corner of Webber and Eloff streets and was arrested.

The suspect appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court on 6 August to face charges of attempted murder, reckless and negligent driving, inconsiderate driving and assault.

“The female officer also reported to Milpark Hospital because she was injured, hence a charge of assault on the motorist. He, however, got bail,” Mamonyane said.

Metro police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said, “We are very angry at what happened but we commend our fellow South African Police Service officers for stepping in and arresting the perpetrator. At least we know justice will prevail.”

Metro Police spokesperson, Edna Mamonyane.

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba reiterated Minnaar’s thoughts, “The attacks on our JMPD officers is not only an attack on government but an attack on our efforts to return the rule of law in our city. It is an attack on the people of our city who are desperate to feel safe in their homes, communities and streets. For years a culture of lawlessness was allowed to fester in our city and it falls to society, as a whole, to declare that ‘enough is enough’.”

He added that he was pleased to note that other spheres of government have also joined the call to bring back the rule of law in society and ensure that those who broke the law suffered the consequences.

Mashaba said the same day the hit-and-run took place, he had joined other executive office leaders in the justice ministry at the launch of Operation Buya Mthetho for the entire Gauteng province after it was launched in Johannesburg earlier this year. Operation Buya Mthetho is a multi-departmental operation between all key City departments and entities. It is aimed at enforcing by-laws and bringing the rule of law to the city of Johannesburg.

He said he would like to commend Metro police chief, David Tembe and his department for the excellent work they continued to do to ensure that lawbreakers were held to account.

Operation Buya Mthetho has proven pivotal in the fight against crime in the city, crime against residents, as well as crimes committed against our police officers who selflessly protect our city with their very lives. I am hopeful that one day this may become a national campaign as well.”

Details: City of Johannesburg 0860 562 874, Metro police 011 036 7502.

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