#WomensMonth: Multi-talented Melody

Melody Kaye, marketing manager at Fallen Heroes, has proven to be a multi-talented career woman and mother.


In celebration of women’s month, Rosebank Killarney Gazette sat down with Melody Kaye, marketing manager at Fallen Heroes Tattoo Studio in Parkhurst.

The 32-year-old Kaye has proven herself to be a multi-talented career woman and mother moving from a career in the music industry to marketing while modelling for Boss Models in the little free time that she has.

The tattoo industry has a reputation for being male dominated, but Kaye pointed out that Fallen Heroes is anything but that. The team at Fallen Heroes includes five female tattoo artists and the management team is made up of women only.

“The co-owner, Thys Uys, and the other male artists in the store are incredibly respectful of the opinions and processes that we put in place,” said Kaye.

The other co-owner of the store Jen Uys approached Kaye in the hopes that she would be able to manage the bookings at the store.

“Coming from a production background for large scale events, I had thought that it would be a breeze, however, I quickly started to realise that the management of one of the busiest tattoo shops in the country was no mean feat,” said Kaye.

“Working with Fallen Heroes has been one of the most surprising and rewarding experiences of my life. It is challenging, interesting, exhausting and I absolutely love it. The pride associated with being a tiny part of building this is something that I can’t put into words.”

Kaye, who lives in Parkhurst, is passionate about the community and supporting local businesses, especially local thrift stores where she loves hunting down hidden gems.

“We have Urban Grind Roasters twice a day at our Fallen Heroes Black store, serving up their delicious coffee to our clients. We also have food from cnr cafe in Craighall Park delivered over lunch time. We are all about supporting our neighbours and trying to find new ways to work together.”

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Kaye highlights her love for the job and the opportunities she has gained. “The company really invests in their staff. All of the management staff are currently being sent on courses that expand our personal knowledge and grow our skills. They have given me the opportunity to start a course in design through Vega which will give me the tools to expand what I can offer the company.”


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