Elderly woman tied up in house robbery

Sergeant Bongi Mdletshe, spokesperson for the Rosebank Police Station


The Rosebank Police Station is currently searching for two men and a woman who are being sought in connection with a robbery that took place on 29 July in Parkwood.

It is believed that the woman who was hired as a domestic worker about a month ago let the two men into the home.

According to Sergeant Bongi Mdletshe from the Rosebank Police Station, the family who lives in the home left the house on Friday evening while an elderly woman and the housekeeper stayed at the house.

Mdletshe said, “According to the security personnel, the domestic worker opened for these two guys on Friday afternoon. In the early hours of Saturday morning, the domestic worker came to give the woman tea and after she had her tea two guys entered.

“They tied her up and went straight to the safe and it looked as if they knew what the code was.”

Jewellery, a firearm and cash were stolen.

A security guard doing patrols in the area witnessed the domestic worker letting the two men out of the property and saying goodbye.

The security guard then heard the elderly woman screaming from the property and shortly after that the panic button was pressed. A reaction team was called to the scene to assist the woman.

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“Rosebank Police would like to assist the community in terms of hiring their domestic workers. I vow to assist in terms of vetting them,” said Mdletshe.

“If you would like to employ somebody, you can come to the station and we can complete some forms, take fingerprints and photos and keep a file so that we can avoid similar incidents taking place,” said Mdletshe.

The case has since been moved to a provincial level for further investigation because it was a violent crime but the Rosebank Police Station will continue to work on the case.

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Laura Pisanello

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