Goethe Institute in Parkwood hosts open day following revamp of library space

The launch of the new library-gamebox-hub is bustling with people interested in finding out more about the new space.


The Goethe Institute in Parkwood hosted an open day on 29 July to celebrate the revamp of its library which will now be a multi-functional space.

The open day celebrated the launch of the library-gamebox-hub which features three unique spaces within the library. The event was bustling with people young and old all getting involved in the various activities that the library-gamebox-hub will offer.

The library launch was divided into two parts with a networking session early in the afternoon followed by the open day.

“The networking session is for professionals, be it game developers or librarians, and those working in the hub spaces,” said Stefanie Kastner, head of library and information services for Sub-Saharan Africa.

“There will be different activities at the same time and we’ve created different stations where there will be karaoke, analogue games and outside there will be table tennis and foosball.”

Nicole Meyer, the library and project co-ordinator at institute said, “A lot of people know of us already and so they knew we were renovating but we wanted to launch it officially so that we can also provide a platform to explain the hub.”

“With the launch, hopefully people will get to know and understand what we’re about.”

Kastner said, “We also want to attract people who do not know us yet. We would like to attract new groups of library users and to connect new groups of people coming in.

“We really want to open the space to welcome new groups of library users.”


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Laura Pisanello

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