Tips to avoid becoming a victim of hijacking

Captain Tintswalo Sibeko of the Parkview Police Station provides motorists with some tips to avoid becoming a victim of a hijacking.

Following a spate of hijackings and attempted hijackings on Jan Smuts Avenue the Parkview police have suggested some tips for motorists to protect themselves.

Captain Tintswalo Sibeko, the spokesperson for the Parkview Police Station, suggested that hijackers may stage a minor accident so that they have the opportunity to approach your car. She suggested that if you do not feel comfortable with the situation, you should drive to the nearest police station for help.

If you are forced from your vehicle, you should leave all your possessions behind. It is important to not resist the hijacker, especially if they have a weapon.

Sibeko added that if you were hijacked or taken hostage it was important to remain calm and do exactly what you are told to do. It is important that you do not become aggressive or hostile and rather remain orientated regarding your movements, directions, time and place.

Six men arrested for hijacking on Jan Smuts Ave

At your home, Sibeko said if you see someone loitering in your driveway rather drive past your home. If they loiter for a long time, report it to your nearest police station. She added that you should ensure your gate was closed before opening your garage and if possible put a mirror on the front wall of your garage so that you are able to see if anyone follows you into the garage.

Some other tips that Sibeko suggested include:

  • Always lock your vehicle’s doors and keep the windows closed
  • Do not leave your vehicle unlocked, even if you think you will be away for only a minute
  • Avoid stopping at remote places
  • Park your vehicle in places that are well lit
  • If a stranger wants to talk to you while in your vehicle, do not open the window wide – only 5cm is enough to have a discussion
  • If something seems suspicious, do not talk to strangers, rather be rude and drive away
  • Limit your trips at night or at least take someone along with you
  • Vary the route you travel to work and back if this is possible
  • If approached by a stranger while in your car, drive off if possible or press your hooter to attract attention
  • A lift club limits the risk of becoming a victim of crime
  • Do not give strangers a lift.


Parkview police urge the community to contact 10111 or (011) 486 5000.


Let us know if you have been a victim of hijacking on WhatsApp 079 439 5345

Laura Pisanello

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