Hockey lessons from the English at Kingsmead College

Photo: Laura Pisanello High school hockey players had the opportunity to learn a variety of skills from the English women's hockey team .


On 6 July Investec arranged for aspiring hockey players to have an afternoon practice with the English women’s hockey team at Kingsmead College in Rosebank.

The England women’s hockey team are currently in South Africa to participate in the Hockey World League. Investec, who have long been supporters of hockey in South Africa, decided to arrange an afternoon where young hockey players would have the opportunity to play with professional hockey players.

Janet Larsen, who is the head of group marketing for the company in South Africa said, “We’ve kind of created a mini-academy with the English hockey team and we’ve opened it up to the children of our staff who are involved with hockey and they’re getting trained and learning skills from some of the best hockey players in the world.

“What an amazing opportunity to see your heroes and play with some of the best in the world and to be trained by them, it just doesn’t get better than that.”

Thirty girls had the opportunity to practise with the English hockey team. Larsen said they had kept the group small to allow the girls to have one-on-one time with the English team.

“We snuck in an opportunity to see and meet with some of the team members that we haven’t met at a local level before and it’s wonderful to have them in our space,” said Larsen.

Alex Danson, who is the captain of the English women’s hockey team, is also an ambassador for the company. She said although it was a free day for the team they welcomed the opportunity to get involved with young hockey players. “Its very important for us as a team, one of our visions is ‘Inspire the Future’. We are so fortunate with everything we do and it’s very important for us to give back,” she added.

Photo: Laura Pisanello
The English women’s hockey team are currently in South Africa for the Hockey World League. They used the afternoon to coach young South African hockey players.

“We’ve seen so very very talented hockey players here today and they all play at their clubs and schools which is great to hear.”

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Laura Pisanello

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