Marathon runner robbed in Westcliff while training

According to media reports, a Comrades ultra-marathon athlete, Bruce Fordyce, was the victim of a brutal robbery during the early hours of the morning in Westcliff.

Reports state that a vehicle was driving alongside Fordyce while completing his training, by jogging on the streets of Westcliff. The legendary runner stated that he assumed the driver wanted directions from him, which was when he approached the vehicle.

He claimed that the two men in the vehicle pointed firearms at him and then one of the men got out of the vehicle and began to assault him by kicking him. His Adidas takkies was stolen as well as his watch, which he said was old.

Fordyce indicated in reports that the assailants assumed that the items that were taken was more valuable than they actually were. They also tried to tug at his shorts, searching for a cellphone or wallet,  but the runner said that he never runs with any valuables.

The runner said after the assault and robbery, he went back home, put on a new pair of running shoes and continued with his training.

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