Parktown puts the spotlight on gender equality and gender-based violence

The schoolchildren at Parktown High School for Girls launch their very own gender equality campaign.


Parktown High School for Girls recently launched a gender equality campaign as a response to the increasing severity of gender-based violence and, most recently, Karabo Mokoena‘s death.

This campaign began by introducing a conversation board entailing a central topic being ‘A women’s place in the universe is’. The girls were encouraged to give their views on this topic and respond to other comments.

They came up with some deep, thought-provoking ideas and approached such a serious topic with insight and maturity.

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On 1 June, the school assembled on the driveway where the poem Still I Rise by Maya Angelou was read, before the girls marched around the school carrying posters in honour of Gender Equality Awareness Week. The posters were later attached to the school fence.

Through this campaign, they demonstrated that they condemn gender-based violence against women and children.

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Shanice Naidoo

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