Child Protection Week sees Joburg East Cluster urging children to report abuse

Parkhurst Primary School children learn about Child Protection Week before they receive some donations from police and the Greenside Mosque.


Children are special, this was the echo of the day by the Johannesburg East Cluster commander General Dimakatso Ndaba.

She was speaking at Parkhurst Primary School on 24 May ahead of Child Protection Week, which runs from 28 May to 4 June. “Even though this week is for you [the children], I want you all to remember you are not only important in this week but every day of the calendar you matter just as much,” said Ndaba.

The theme this year for Child Protection Week is ‘let us all protect children to move South Africa forward’. With that theme in mind, the cluster will be visiting various schools in their policing precinct to remind children how special they are and how they can protect themselves.

The children at Parkhurst Primary School recently received school shoes, blankets and pencil cases from police and the Greenside Mosque.

“I love you all and please remember, no one can stop you from reporting any case of abuse – not your principal, not your parents not even a police officer – you have the right to report abuse,” reiterated Ndaba.

The police did not only remind the children about how to protect themselves, they also provided some of the underprivileged youngsters with some donations.

Reverend Musa Shihambe reminded the children at the school to always love, respect and share with another. “Please children, remember to share if you have four slices of bread and your friend has two, share with your friend who doesn’t have any bread,” said Shihambe ahead of the donation made by the Greenside Mosque and Parkview Police Station’s victim support unit.

The Greenside Mosque donated 226 blankets and 226 pairs of school shoes, and Parkview victim support unit contributed with 400 pencil cases, all this was given to the underprivileged children at the school.

“Our donations are inspired to serve the creation of God, to please the Creator. We as a mosque have been helping the community for many years and go to various informal settlements to give out blankets to those in need. We got the shoe sizes for the various kids at the school, and then got the shoes according to that,” commented Burhaan Mia, a religious leader at the mosque.

The blankets, shoes and pencil cases donated to underprivileged children at Parkhurst Primary School.

He added that a great human being is not only concerned about his wellbeing but also the wellbeing of others. “I encourage people to have a heart that gives, as this brings blessings and happiness into their lives.”

Parkview Police Station’s spokesperson Captain Tintswalo Sibeko offered these safety tips to all children:

  • Never accept a lift from a stranger
  • Do not talk to adults you do not know
  • Never accept sweets or money from a stranger
  • Walk to and from school and bus stops in a group
  • Know your home address
  • Yell and shout if you suspect that the stranger is following you
  • Do not walk around talking on your cellphone, as it will distract you from what is going on around you.


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