Local resident is all smiles when stolen car is recovered by Parkview Police

Constable Riza Richard Rikhotso from Parkview Police Station.


After having his car stolen and feeling rather unhappy, Tillman was not only cheered up by Constable Riza Richard Rikhotso of Parkview Police Station but also able to get his stolen car back through the police officer’s efficiency.

“I am a proud citizen of our beautiful country. I was unlucky to have my Citi Golf stolen recently from Pirates Rugby Club. After I realised it was gone and had phoned Matrix Tracker, I was feeling very unhappy,” he explained.

Tillman said he wasn’t looking forward to going to the police station. He was dreading having to wait around, fill out forms and deal with people with unhappy faces. However, to his surprise, when he got to the police station, he was assisted immediately by Rikhotso.

After he had explained to the constable that his car has been stolen from the club, he anticipated having to wait and, eventually, he would be filling out forms all night. However, that was not the case, as he received immediate help from Rikhotso.

“The constable was immediately on the case. He was very excited to help and was extremely keen and active to get my car back, right then. I had already given up hope but Constable Rikhotso had not, he wanted to solve the problem immediately,” said Tillman.

Rikhotso liaised with the tracker company and even when he could not reach the Orlando Police Station, the area where his car was tracked to, he managed to send a flying squad car and, within 30 minutes, the police and tracker had managed to get the car back.

Tillman added that he was really impressed with how proactive and enthusiastic the constable was, and commended him for being so understanding.

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Another attitude which impressed Tillman was when Rikhotso was struggling to get hold of the other station, he did not stop or give up, he just made a plan and got the job done.

“All of us in South Africa, including myself, can learn a lesson from Constable Rikhotso – he truly is a good man. Normally people don’t care about other people’s problems but Rikhotso most certainly did. He was so proactive and so willing to help. Things aren’t so bad, there are people willing to help,” concluded Tillman.

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