Parkview Junior School celebrates its centenary with a themed parade

Over 700 children from Parkview Junior School dressed up and took part in the parade to celebrate the school's centenary.


The Parkview Junior School celebrated its centenary with a school parade to the Parkview Senior School, about one kilometre away on 6 May.

More than 700 children from the junior school participated in the parade during the morning and afterwards the children and parents were treated to a fete on the Parkview Senior School field.

Each grade dressed up in costumes reminiscent of a certain era during the past hundred years. Various grades were dressed up in costumes from the 1920s, 60s and 80s.

Caryl Kelly, head of the Parent Teacher Association for the senior school said, “Teachers and class parents were in charge of deciding which era each class would represent and what type of costumes they would wear.” Each parent was in charge of arranging their child’s costume and Kelly added that some parents subsidised costumes for other children.

The centenary celebrations included a variety of events such as a special assembly and a sports day. Planning for the centenary events has been in motion for over a year and many teachers and parents have been involved.

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Kelly said that the funds raised from each of the events would go towards the school’s fundraising, which will be used for maintenance and upgrades around the school which are much needed.

The Centenary Sports Day will take place on 29 July followed by the Centenary Dinner. On 9 September there will be a Centenary Garden Day and on 21 October there will be a Centenary Fun Run.


Let us know if you are participating in the Parkview Junior School centenary celebrations on Whatsapp 079 439 5345.

Laura Pisanello

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Parkview Junior School celebrates centenary