Parktown Boys’ High sexual assault case to be investigated by GDE

The Gauteng Department of Education has said that it would be launching an investigation into the alleged sexual assault of 20 students at Parktown Boys High School.

The 22-year-old male suspect will appear in the Johannesburg High Court on 10 May for charges of assault, sexual assault and sexual grooming of children. The man, who was a water polo coach at the school, was arrested in November last year after another teacher witnessed the man allegedly fondling a student on CCTV footage.

The department said in a statement that it only became aware of the accusations because of a Sunday Times article and the matter was not formally reported to the department.

READ Parktown Boys High School coach allegedly accused of sexually assaulting over 20 learners

Nicholas Greyling, chairman of the school’s governing body, told the Sunday Times that immediately after the footage had been seen the governing body was alerted.

“We called in parents of all schoolchildren who we believed might be affected,” Greyling said to the Sunday Times. It is reported that the night the footage was reviewed, the school immediately contacted the police. The police were able to view the footage before making their arrest.

The investigation by the department will seek to determine why the school did not report the incident as well as the extent of the abuse at the school.

“The matter was not formally reported to the department by the school. Rather, the department became aware only after the issue became public. The failure by the school to report these serious allegations smack of an attempt to sweep them under the carpet,” concluded Greyling.

The Department of Education will be visiting the school on today (8 May) to determine what steps it should take, further.


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Parktown Boys’ High School coach allegedly accused of sexually assaulting over 20 learners