Taxi passengers are also to blame in Rosebank

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Courtney Pretorius writes:

I am a matriculant at Greenside High School. I read your article, Taxi Traffic Hazard, and it definitely caught my attention. I am not yet a driver myself, but I still feel the frustration that taxis bring to people on the road. I have lived in different places in South Africa and I can confirm that Gauteng is faced with the worst taxi drivers.

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Having read your article, I have become more cognizant of taxi drivers’ behaviour. In this, I have discovered that taxi drivers are not the only culprits in causing road hazards as their passengers are also to blame. Passengers looking for a taxi are too lazy to walk to designated areas. This forces the desperate taxi drivers to stop anywhere on the road to collect a passenger. I also have my own view that most police officers are not willing to take action as they use the taxis as their mode of transport.

Edited by Stacey Woensdregt

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