Large hole outside a nursery school still waiting to be repaired after three months

    A large hole situated on the corner of Wingfield Avenue and St Andrews Street had been left open for three months before being filled with sand. However, the pavement and the stop sign have yet to be fixed.


    A large hole situated on the corner of Wingfield Avenue and St Andrews Street has remained uncovered for months before being filled in with sand. However, the pavement has still not been repaired and the stop sign has not been put up.

    The hole is located right outside the Riviera Nursery School and Sue Bergh, the principal, warned that the hole was a large safety risk for the children as it was located near the entrance of the school.

    “There was a huge pipe burst and Joburg Water arrived to repair it but they left a huge hole with just a little bit of tape around it,” said Bergh. She also said the stop street sign had been left lying on the ground.

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    After complaints, Joburg Water arrived and filled the hole with sand on 29 March. “The hole was there for about three months and Joburg Water returned and just graded the sand back into the hole. I asked them about the pavement and the stop sign but they said I have to go to the roads department.”

    Bergh logged the complaint with the Johannesburg Roads Agency but said the only feedback she has received is a reference number.

    The spokesperson for the Johannesburg Roads Agency, Bertha Peters-Scheepers said, “The JRA is committed to ensuring quality roads that are accessible, safe and liveable for our communities. We alerted the regional depot to this pothole and it has been repaired. The JRA encourages residents to report road and storm water issues.”

    Bergh said that she had seen the stop sign had been put up and said she was delighted to see that the JRA had repaired it.

    To report road and storm water problems with the JRA you can reach them at 0860 562 874, [email protected] or via the JRA Find&Fix mobile app.

    Tell us of any problems you have experienced in your area on WhatsApp 079 439 5345.

    Laura Pisanello

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