Donkey project raises R66 000 for NSPCA and the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary

Incorrect harnesses are often used on donkeys because owners do not have the resources to purchase the correct harnessing. The National Donkey Protection Project provides education and training for donkey owners to better care for their animals.


A fundraiser held to donate money to the NSPCA and the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary saw over R200 000 being raised. Just over R66 000 was donated to the NSPCA in order to help fund the National Donkey Protection Project.

The project seeks to provide donkey owners with the correct knowledge and training it requires to care for donkeys. The programme is aimed at giving donkey owners ‘a hand-up not a hand-out’ and educates donkey owners on the correct way to look after their animals as well as coming up with practical solutions to projects they may face.

Donkey owners are often children or the elderly and so they need the right training and knowledge to care for their animals.

Read R200 000 raised for the NSPCA and the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary

Morgane James, the manager of the training department for the NSPCA, said that the training was really necessary for donkey owners. “Some of the owners are the poorest of the poor. In the rural areas especially they [donkey owners] are very grateful for the assistance.”

Working donkeys often pull heavy loads over difficult terrain because sometimes they are the only transport available to people living in rural communities. The donkeys often wear incorrect harnessing and bits (the piece that goes into the donkey’s mouth) and are not checked for ticks.

“Donkey owners do not have the finances to purchase new harnessing and make it from whatever material is available. This is often unsuitable and causes injuries. These injuries are treated by the NSPCA but that is not enough – we have to rectify the harnessing and how it is used to prevent further pain and injury,” said James.

The upliftment programme provides owners with knowledge and training on correct harness and bits, how to treat the animal humanely and how to maintain the health of the donkey.

The NSPCA will begin working in communities next week to provide training to donkey owners.

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Laura Pisanello

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