Mugging increases in the northern suburbs and residents are warned to be safe


Stories of people getting robbed or mugged is not a foreign concept in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg. Recently, there have been several incidents of people being robbed and mugged on the streets of the northern suburbs.

In a recently published statement, Beagle Watch managing director Dave Casey said, “Our reports have shown an increase in this type of incident recently. If possible, do not walk alone, be vigilant at all times, don’t carry valuables and if it is necessary to carry cash, take only what is necessary for your needs.”

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Residents of the northern suburbs like to take to their streets to enjoy quiet walks, quick jogs and the fresh air. Beagle Watch has advised that, as a pedestrian in the northern suburbs, residents need to know their routes and go to the nearest safe place if they think they are being followed.

Like any other robbery or mugging, it is dangerous to try and fight back in the event that you find yourself being confronted. “If in the unfortunate situation of being confronted, don’t try and fight, rather stay calm and give them what they want. Resistance could lead to injury,” Casey concluded.

Edited by Stacey Woensdregt

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Sizwe Shabalala

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