Tumi Morake and her satirical TV show nominated for Saftas

Comedians and their works always have a way of bringing humour to serious political situations and this South African Film and Television Awards nominated show does just that.

Point of Order is a comedy panel show based on the controversies in the South African Parliament, hosted by ‘Madam Speaker’, the brilliant Tumi Morake.

Nominated in categories including Morake for Best TV Presenter on the show and Best Game Show, Point of Order allows for South Africa’s top comedians to introduce important and vital news to its loyal viewers. The show’s agenda addresses topics such as singing in the shower, which should feature 90 per cent local content.

It also gives special guests a chance to talk politics or something like it – almost like real members of parliament do – perhaps with only a little more sensibility. Above all, they want to win the favour of Madam Speaker, who rules over the government and opposition benches.

Commenting on the nominations, head of content at StarSat (which recently took over TopTV), David Makubyane said, “We are very excited to have these premium shows on the StarSat platform. The calibre of both these shows sets StarSat apart in the comedy category. Given their popularity, we are confident that they will bring home the coveted awards.”

Although neither awards were snatched up by the show, the nomination was a great acquisition for Point of Order as the Saftas is managed under the custodianship of the National Film and Video Foundation, and are an integral part of the growth, skills development and transformation aligned with the foundation’s goals for the industry – one of which is the promotion of local content.

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Racine Edwardes

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