Date night is good for relationships – a reader responds to an article

Michele Engelberg writes:

It was so lovely to read your article, The Importance of date night, Week ending 24 March.

Often date night is thought of as a luxury, but really it is a necessity.

Growth is a major theme. Everyone is growing in one way or another. If you do not spend quality time with your partner, letting them in on what is happening in your world and in your mind, then the danger is that you might grow away from your partner. That is not a sustainable relationship. You want to continue growing with your partner.

Growing with your partner is so fulfilling. This can only be achieved through investing time and effort in one’s relationship. Short and shallow relationships cannot achieve this.

Imagine how uplifted society would be if more people invested more in their relationships, then hopefully more marriages would stay together and children would be raised in a caring environment by two parents who can model a good relationship for their children and others.

Thank you for the article and for your newspaper.

Edited by Stacey Woensdregt


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