Art exhibition to open this April at Halifax Art Gallery in Parkhurst

Contemporary Cape-based artist Anthea Delmotte will be showcasing her series of oil paintings at the Halifax Art Gallery in Parkhurst this April.



Contemporary artist, Anthea Delmotte, will be showcasing her series of oil paintings, titled, A State of Survival at the Halifax Art Gallery from 4 to 18 April in Parkhurst.

The exhibition of medium to large canvases focuses on buildings, dwellings and man-made structures and how they affect humans. Delmotte’s paintings explore the concept of human survival and how it relies on physical structures.

Her work exposes the various aspects of fundamental human states of living with dilapidated dwellings as well as provisional structures created at Afrikaburn.

The art exhibition titled, A State of Survival, will showcase at the Halifax Art Gallery from 4 to 18 April in Parkhurst.

“Socially there is so much that divides people,” suggested Delmotte.

“Religion, status, race, politics, you know, we can go on and on. I’m dealing a lot with simplicity, either chosen or circumstantial in this exhibition. It’s easy to lose perspective these days with so much distraction. We all have a great inner need to be simplistic and real, to really connect with each other and also with nature.”

Delmotte, who is a full-time artist and a mother of five, is mostly recognised for her mastery of colour. She grew up in Namibia and found her passion for art as a child. “I’ve been an artist my whole life; it’s my life path,” explained Delmotte.

“When I was 17 I started my own dressmaking and designing business while creating artworks. From 1998, I started focusing on only doing paintings.” She currently lives and works in the Piketberg area in the Western Cape. She has exhibited in the Cape at Iziko National Gallery, Liebbrecht Gallery and Casa Labia Gallery.

“I’m highly motivated seeing that I perceive my art as visual communication,” said Delmotte.

“I’m always excited about putting the works and the concept out there and seeing the reaction and interaction that comes from it.”

Details: 35A 4th Avenue, Parkhurst. Dana MacFarlane 082 784 6695; [email protected]

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