Glenhazel primary school left in the dark since 8 Dec

Glenhazel Primary School has had no electricity since 8 December last year, a day after the school broke up, and has been in complete darkness at night for the past few weeks. This has resulted in three industrial-strength mobile diesel generators running 24 hours a day since then.

Lyndhurst resident Neil Solomon, who lives directly opposite the school said, “The noise is exceptionally distracting. Not only is it frustrating, it has been affecting the sleep cycle of my youngest daughter.”

Solomon complained to the Department of Environmental Affairs and to Ward 72 councillor Steven Kruger and they have been to the school to give them a notice.

“There is zero light on the school grounds at night, and I am assuming the alarm system has not been functioning. This obviously creates a major security risk as it will no doubt promote opportunistic crime in the area, along with the chance of school equipment being stolen, which on its own is problematic considering that we are at the start of the school year,” said Solomon.

Industrial-strength mobile diesel generators have been running 24 hours since 8 December at Glenhazel Primary School.

Industrial-strength mobile diesel generators have been running 24 hours since 8 December at Glenhazel Primary School.

North Eastern Tribune contacted Kruger who said, “Nobody from the school has been in touch with me and you would think this would be very urgent on their side.”

Solomon also made contact with school principal Maliga Thomas who, apparently, had almost zero response other than one-word answers and that she knew ‘nothing about this’.

“While the noise is a major frustration, I am also very concerned that kids could be starting school on 11 January with no electricity and I find it ironic, considering the emphasis placed on education by the relevant MECs. This has become a major issue and complaints have been raised by most houses in Long Avenue along Newmarket Road,” said Solomon.

North Eastern Tribune contacted Thomas, who said City Power was fixing the problem which had been caused by a damaged cable on the property. When asked if any property had been stolen, she refused to comment.

“Surely if there was cable damage, then it would be fixed immediately rather than wait until now,” said Kruger.

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