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As youngsters prepare to return to school for another year, experts say it is important to equip them with everything they need to perform at their best – and that starts with a healthy breakfast every morning.

In South Africa, almost one in five children is reported as attending school on an empty stomach, impacting not only their health but their studies too.

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According to Vuyokazi Xapa, corporate communications manager of Breakfasts for Better Days, despite education being a basic human right, many children are still not given the chance to develop to their full potential, and Kellogg’s has made a global commitment to feed three billion children by 2025.

The organisation has worked alongside the National Department of Basic Education to create a community-driven hunger relief programme since 2014, and the initiative now ensures that 46 schools across the country have access to a breakfast of cereal and milk every school day.

“We want to make sure there is enough food for everyone so that children can flourish. We know this is more than giving them cereal and milk each day, it is about fueling their bodies and their minds to allow them to become the next generation of future leaders,” said Xapa.

“Together with our global company, we’re committed to providing children with the nutrients and vitamins they need to do their best.”

Dietician, Cheryl Meyer said, “Over and above a child simply consuming breakfast, the nature of the ingredients that they consume after a night of fasting should be equally considered.

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“By providing your child with breakfast that contains high-fibre carbohydrates and protein, you can ensure that they have sustained energy for optimum classroom performance.”


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