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Mark Stent is the perfect mix of good looks and talent, and all he wants is to blow you away with his music.

The South African DJ and producer found his passion for producing music just seven years ago, but has since made the move from garage DJ to international headliner at some of the world’s most exciting parties and events.

“Around seven years ago I started dabbling [in music production] and got more serious over the last three years,” Stent explained.

In the past three years, he has graced the line-ups of F1 Grand Prix opening parties, mixed epic sets in Bahrain, Portugal, London, Wales, Botswana, Mozambique and many more exciting cities across the globe. While touring can be very exciting, he makes sure to appear at some of the hottest local parties and venues, too.

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“[I’ve performed at] Randlords and various festivals and shows. Most recently I played at an event in City Deep [Johannesburg] called Faction. It was held in cargo containers,” he said.

As an international performer, he could play gigs all over the world, but maintains his hometown pride and explains that his favorite performance to date was held on home soil.

“I think that [my best gig so far] has to be playing main stage at Ultra South Africa for over 30 000 people.”

The musician has evolved over the years. He began by only producing dance music and now he makes music that makes him feel good.

“In the past it was always underground dance music but recently I have been experimenting with trap, hip-hop and kwaito. In general, I like to think of my music as funky and happy, no matter what the genre.”

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Drawing inspiration from Black Coffee, Timo ODV, Adam Beyer and Higher Self, Stent hopes to accomplish great things in the new year – similar to those who he holds in high regard.

“In 2017, I’m looking to do more collaborations and experiment with different musical genres. I have a new live act and I’ve started [collaborating] with Basel Grey and Miss K [on a project] called The Fibonacci Sequence, geared at live dance music.”

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Beats may be his passion, but there’s something about this beat-maker that you’d never expect.

“I studied to be an actuary at university. I have a BSc degree in mathematics and mathematical statistics.”

With all he has going for him, he sure does pack a punch.

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