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House plays, an age-old school tradition which has become part of the school’s identity, commence today, 26 October, at De La Salle Holy Cross College.

Drama co-captain, Nina Chase, said house plays started at the school in the late 70s and are an opportunity for pupils to direct their peers and create their own plays.

“Be it in a modern sense or not, these one-act plays usually take the role of a farce and are crammed full of inside jokes and truly modernised into the likes of ‘teendom’ today.”

On the night, the three houses will compete for first place position, as well as to win the awards for best actor, best scriptwriter, best director and best technical adaptation.

The drama department encourages 11 pupils to join as, not only is this a platform to perform, it is also great ground for new friendships to be made and fun to be had. Chase explained that although it may be a competition between the three school houses, the true aim is to allow all ages and grades to bond over silly antics and inside jokes.

“Plays consist of spin-offs of popular movies and reworks of pre-written plays, which are the favorite.” Brave individuals write their scripts and see their artwork come to life on the stage.

Every play is original in its own sense and allows for expression from actors and directors in the drama field.

Famous previous plays were based on airports, on high schools, prisons and just on day-to-day family life. “There are no limits to house plays, so whether your play is about a giraffe in town, or a rogue secret agent hunting down his parakeet, there is truly nothing stopping you.”

Neo Phashe

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