Another domestic worker taken for joy ride by Parkview police

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Parkview police have come under fire again for allegedly taking a domestic worker for a ride in a police van for nearly six hours after they approached her on a street and accused her of loitering.

According to the traumatised victim, who wished to remain anonymous for her safety, the police officers, who were both male, allegedly tried to solicit money or a sexual act after they arrested her at 6am and before letting her go at midday.

“There was one officer who sat at the back of the van with me. He kept asking me to make a plan if I do not have money. I kept asking ‘what plan, what plan’ and he said I am thick-headed and pulled down the blinds in the van,” explained the victim.

She further explained that the incident occurred when she was on her way to a cooking class from Parkhurst when she was approached by the officers who asked for her passport and then accused her of loitering.

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“I told them I am not. I said I was going to the school,” she recounted.

The officers then allegedly put her in the back of the van and drove around the area.

“My employer was trying to call me so many times and the officer took my cellphone and cut the calls,” she said.

After about six hours, the domestic worker alleged that the officers dropped her off in Victory Park, near her cooking school, and threw her cellphone on the ground.

She then went to the school and notified her teacher who then called the victim’s employer as well as Parkview Police Station.

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Her employer, who also wished to remain anonymous for safety reasons, later took her to Parkview Police Station to report the matter.

Station Commander Colonel Thembi Kubone attended to the matter with her team. “Concerning the alleged corruption yesterday, on preliminary investigation, the station perused the vehicle movement print-out of our cars, and our members are not implicated,” she said.

Kubone explained that the vehicles on patrol did not drive in the areas of Parkhurst indicated by the victim and had driven to the station a few times during the time frame.

“What has happened to my domestic is unacceptable and I will be escalating it to the next level [provincial police] to find a resolution and so it can be investigated whether it was real police officers or a different police station’s officers who were involved,” said the employer.

“No person should go through such a traumatic ordeal, especially by the very people we expect to look after our community.”

She added that she wants people to be aware of what is happening, as this is the second incident in less than a month where a foreign national has allegedly been targeted.

Details: Parkview Police Station 011 486 5000.

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