Parkview cops ‘demand bribe and take victim on 4 hour joy ride’

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All this, simply because she didn’t have her passport on her. Thankfully, her employer was made aware of the situation because the woman still had her cellphone on her and was able to send a message, notifying her employer that she was allegedly locked up in the back of a police van.

The woman and her employer have requested to not be identified because they fear for their safety.

The ordeal began shortly after 2pm on 1 February when the woman was walking down Rothesay Avenue. She had been handing out pamphlets for her employer at a nearby intersection since 6am.

Two policemen stopped next to her and demanded to see her passport, which she had left at her home in Yeoville that morning. When she couldn’t produce it, they allegedly locked her up in the back of their van and drove around with her for almost an hour.

Upon receiving the message from her employee, the employer phoned her immediately and demanded to speak to the accused officers. The policemen allegedly refused to speak to the employer telling the woman that they “don’t speak to white people because they are cheeky”.

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After a while, they allegedly stopped the vehicle and unlocked the back door to the van. It is claimed they said to her that if she gave them R200, they would let her go. She did not have any cash on her and told the officers that she was in the country legally and had the necessary work permits, which she could prove if they took her to her home.

Then they allegedly took her cellphone, locked the door of the van again and carried on driving.

Meanwhile, the employer went to the nearest police station, Parkview, and demanded that police at the service desk radio their officers to bring her employee back. They allegedly denied that their officers were driving around with the employee. The employer also made 57 phone calls to the employee’s phone, all of which were left unanswered.

“These two policemen drove around with only [the employee] in the van the entire afternoon,” alleged the employer.

“Just before 6pm, they [officers] took her to her home and told her to fetch her passport. She did so and only then did they give her the cellphone back,” the employer continued, also alleging that they took a pamphlet from the employee and ‘reminded her that they knew where to find us should she try to do anything about the incident’.

Spokesperson for Parkview police, Sergeant Lloyd Ramovha, confirmed that the victim, although very fearful, came forward and laid a charge against the officers.

“We do not take kindly to any form of corruption,” said Ramovha.

“We have launched a full investigation into the matter.”

He further stated that should the allegations be true, those involved “will face the full might of the law without fear, favour or prejudice”.

“We applaud the victim for reporting [the matter]. This courageous act will indeed help us in getting rid of the bad elements within our ranks,” Ramovha concluded.

Details: 011 486 5000.

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