Santa shoe boxes at the Zoo

Little lads revel in all the wonderful things they find in their shoe boxes.

The children, many of whom have lost their family breadwinners due to HIV/Aids and left with no choice but to look after their younger siblings, were absolutely thrilled to see all the animals.

“The squirrel running across the walkway was a definite hit,” said the organisation’s founder, Marilyn Bassin, with a giggle.

“They were also fascinated by the fish in the ponds and squealed with excitement when they saw the elephant lift its big trunk.”

Boikanyo aims to alleviate poverty through food security, experiential learning and skills development, thereby offering a better future for minors living in Soweto. Through partnerships and networking, they offer social upliftment programmes for disadvantaged youth, irrespective of scholastic achievement.

After exploring the zoo and finding themselves spellbound among the creatures and critters, the children were treated to lunch before volunteer pupils of the King David School Foundation, who also sponsored the event, handed out gifts collected by the Santa Shoe Box project throughout the year.

“These children get so excited for this event, they even danced on the bus all the way here,” Bassin continued.

“We want to thank the Santa Shoe Box Project and the King David School Foundation for everything they have done, without them, none of this would have been possible.”


Joni Tollner

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