Gardener Employment Wanted

MICHAEL seeks houseman/ gardening/ cashier work full or part- time. Has references. Direct 083‑799‑0120 - SI056493

JOHN (MWN) seeks part/ full-time garden work, painting, houseman, caregiver and driving, code 10, R.S.A lic. He is a hardworking person, intelligent, excellent, humble, independent, industrious, pleasant, reliable, honest, trustworthy and also he is good with kids and pets. Ref 011‑782‑4569 / 074‑186‑4344. John 078‑777‑5972 - SI056472

MATHEWS (MWN) needs to work the following days Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat as gardener/ painter. Ref 082‑921‑9553 Moo. Direct 074‑756‑6621 - SI056413

WEZZIE (MWN) seeks gardening work part-time Mon to Friday with accom. Ref 082‑774‑0176. 064‑036‑4411 / 071‑828‑8940 - SI056441

SAM (MWN) seeks gardening/ painting work Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat. Ref 011‑462‑6229. Direct 061‑355‑3510 - SI056409

JOSHUA (MWN) seeks gardening/ painter work part-time Mon, Thur, Fri. Ref 082‑921‑9553 Moo. Direct 074‑756‑6621 - SI056410