Domestic Employment Wanted

ELSIE seeks caregiver/ frail care/ office cleaner work full-time Mon to Fri. Ref 011‑244‑8160. Direct 078‑846‑6928 - SI056496

ANGIE seeks work as a domestic part-time or full-time. Ref 073 ‑799‑8613. Direct 071‑972‑5063 - SI056473

ANITA (MWN) honest, hardworker seeks domestic work part/ full-time. Ref 063‑356‑8650. Direct 063‑224‑5800 - SI056474

TEMBAKAZI seeks work as a domestic part/ full- time. Reliable and honest. Ref 073‑297‑4173. Direct 078‑762‑0445 - SI056481

SIKHUPHUKILE (ZIM) seeks domestic/ cashier/ office cleaner work oart/ full- time. Ref 079‑389‑0839. Direct 072‑822‑2010 - SI056454

PRECIOUS (ZIM) seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner work full- time Mon- Fri. Ref 074‑909‑9015. Direct 074‑942‑5760 - SI056458

ELLEN (MWN) seeks domestic/ childminder/ caregiver/ office cleaner work Mon- Fri. Ref 082‑926‑2494. Direct 084‑848‑4056 - SI056460

LINDA (MWN) seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner work Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri. Ref 074‑697‑5082. 078‑238‑9845 / 078‑497‑4290 - SI056462

EVELYN. L (ZIM) seeks domestic/ childminder work part-time Mon, Tues, Wed. Ref 072‑928‑4663. Direct 073‑372‑1971 - SI056467

THOZAMA seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner work full/ part-time Mon- Fri. Ref 083‑241‑4407. Direct 078‑113‑8909 - SI056470

BELINDA (MWN) with 10 yrs exp, good with kids and dogs, smart ironing, seeks domestic/ childminder/ cooks work full-time with accom. Ref 083‑477‑9920 Mr/ s Kend. Tel: 083‑477‑9920 - SI056417

POLITE ANNI (MWN) seeks domestic work part/ full-time Mon to Fri. Has references. Direct 073‑393‑1287 - SI056431

ELIZABETH with 8 yrs domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner exp seeks work part/ full-time with accom. Has refs. Direct 066‑095‑6986 - SI056435

PATIENCE seeks domestic/ childminder work full-time Monday to Friday. Ref 073‑636‑3374. Direct 083‑588‑2775 - SI056453

YVONE (ZIM) seeks domestic/ childminder work full-time with accom. Ref 083‑508‑1968. Direct 081‑092‑5101 - SI056407

PINKY seeks part time domestic work, Tues, Thurs, Sat, sleep out, contactable refs. 061 252 6128 - RN110261

ANNA Seeks full-time domestic employment without accom. Has references. 078‑811‑0748 - KG026297

ATTENTION! Be aware of scams targeting job seekers. You do not have to pay money in order to secure a job. Please report this to your nearest police station if you are contacted. Information: Please note that Caxton Newspapers do not supply these job scams with your personal information, it is against our company policy to share such with any third party. They are picking up your name and telephone number in your advert. Should you wish to report a pay for job scam to Caxton Newspapers please supply us with the information including the company name, contact person and their telephone number to classadnorth@caxton.co.za - LW043034