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5 essential road trip hacks

As many return to the roads from the Easter holidays, here are some helpful hacks that can help you along.

South Africans react to Rachel Dolezal

Trans-racial advocate Rachel Dolezal has caused a social media storm after announcing she will be speaking on non-racialism at an event in South Africa.

These Easter campaigns aim to combat reckless driving

Many lives are lost due to reckless driving during the Easter holidays so its no wonder organisations are gearing up to ensure safety on the road. Here are some of the campaigns to look out for.

Your Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

Easter Monday is the perfect time to set-up an egg hunt for the kids. Here are some useful items and tips you might need to make it happen.

These apps can help you when travelling on the road

Travelling on the road to your holiday destination can come with its ups and down. This is why smartphones can help you navigate the roads and reach your destination in a timely manner.

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