Several handguns found in Emmarentia Dam

A revolver found by Johnathan Chalidis.

Emmarentia resident Johnathan Chalidis has discovered six firearms on separate occasions in the Emmarentia Dam, following the draining of the dam.

He said work on the dam wall commenced last year but contractors only started draining the dam recently. “I go there to fish and when I found the first three handguns I was with a mate,” he said.

“We saw a barrel of a pistol and we dug and found the guns. We then informed Parkview police who took the guns.”

Parkview Police Station Commander Colonel Thembi Kubone confirmed that there were firearms found in the dam. “The investigation is still on, however, we cannot give finer details because we cannot jeopardise our investigation,” she said.

According to Chalidis, he found two more guns while walking near the water’s edge with his friend Carlos Chagas, when they noticed something sticking out of the mud. “We then decided to dig and we found two guns,” explained Chagas.

Within two weeks, Chalidis said he found another handgun on the opposite side of the dam when he went fishing. He noticed a shape in the mud. ”I then became curious and I dug further and discovered a C2100 pistol.

“Chalidis said one of the guns he had found had a bullet in its chamber. “I think that the guns may have been used in hit-a-and-run scenarios or to commit other crimes. Also, I am sure that the general public has also come across guns in the dam as it is now being drained.”

Details: Parkview Police Station 011 486 5000.

Shanice Naidoo

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