Cat burglars in Craighall Park

The Community Service Centre at Rosebank Police Station. (STOCK IMAGE)

Residents of Craighall Park were urged by Craighall Park Residents’ Association (CRA) to be extra vigilant as cat burglars were operating in the area.

“I have heard of [cat burglaries] occurring in surrounding areas but now, unfortunately, it has made it into our area,” said Wendy McAllister, deputy chair of CRA.

She added that these burglaries started in March last year. “It is really strange how these cat burglars get onto a property without being noticed and not setting off any alarms in the process.”

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She explained that although the burglaries were not confrontational and no injuries have been reported to CRA, the incidents should not be taken lightly as people were losing valuable belongings such as laptops and tablets. “It is critically important that crime of any nature, small or big, is reported. The CRA is aware of two incidents in the Craighall area so far,” said McAllister.

Parkview Community Policing Forum chairperson, Wolfgang Phoenix confirmed that there had been incidents where residents were not arming their alarms and opportunistic criminals were taking advantage of the situation.

He could not confirm whether the burglaries were the doings of one person or a gang. “Residents are urged to make sure gates are locked at all times and make sure alarms have been armed,” he said.

Parkview police could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press.

Details: Wendy McAllister

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